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School-Based Youth Services

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The School-Based Youth Services Programs offer social and health development for students and families in the Lakewood and Brick school districts. The programs are offered in a school setting and provide a wide range of behavioral health and social services such as individual, group, and family counseling, substance use services, college exposure, job skills training, and recreation.

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The RIPTIDE Program

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The RIPTIDE Program is for advanced or more-dangerous drug, alcohol, or other substance use issues for adolescents and teens. This program is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and gives patients a lot of time with social workers, reviewers, and healthcare professionals. Because this program usually involves young patients who cannot remain in school during their intensive treatment, schooling and other education services are provided to the student patient.

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The SAIL Program

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The SAIL Program helps adolescents 13-18 years old who may need out-of-home services or placement because of their behavioral or emotional issues. The program offers a wide range of services that help young patients with daily life skills, regular review of their behavioral and emotional situation, watching their medication, crisis intervention, recreation, counseling and social skills. The program also offers meals and transportation.

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Substance Use Services

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Our Substance Use Services provide recommendations and referrals designed to help individuals and families make informed decisions about the next step.

Substance Use Services are provided by licensed addiction counselors, licensed social workers, licensed family therapists, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners and nurses who collaborate and develop tailored treatment. These are all evidence-based services making sure that everything we do, we do with quality and high standards for better outcomes.

Please note that while appointments can be made at our offices and facilities, we must note that some of these programs are referral-based only and not completely open to the public. Please contact us for any questions or concerns.

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Prom Campaign – Make it a Memory

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This campaign is for high school students attending prom. The concept is to make teens aware that they can have a fun time at prom without drinking. Posters are given to schools who partner with the campaign for their prom events, and students receive compact mirrors with the “Make it a memory, not a mistake” slogan as a subtle reminder to them not to drink during or after prom. The Underage Drinking Committee continues to expand this campaign to include more awareness before prom season in the form of Public Service Announcements and partnerships with local businesses in the prom industry (including limousine services, florists, tuxedo rental shops and dress shops, etc.) and hopes to add more schools as partners. If you would like to help support this campaign, contact us.

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10 Steps to Keep Children Drug-Free

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This program offers adults resources and education that they need in order to begin talking with children and teens about drugs and other substances and become a part of the process of prevention. The core of this program addresses the problem of substance use among children and teens from a parent/adult perspective. Parents and caregivers will learn about tools and communication skills necessary to encourage children to make positive life choices.

Includes: a one hour interactive presentation and group discussion (up to 75 adults), education materials, pre/post-test evaluation summary, certificates of completion.

Learning objectives: Identify trends in substance abuse by young people; identify reasons for initial first use by young people; learn basic information about signs and symptoms of common drugs of abuse; learn effective strategies for talking to children about drugs.